Sunday, February 27, 2005

My journey towards spirituality....

Hi..After a 10 days I am back to Chennai after visiting Varanasi, Rishikesh, Devprayaag and Haridwar. It was an exhilarating experience.

First stop

Stayed in an Ashram called Kachcha Baba and Sachcha Baba ashram near Kapil Dhara slightly far away from Varanasi on the banks of Ganges. Meditated on the banks, bathed and did Puja and more importantly did Mantra yoga by reciting mantras Om Namah Shivaya and others given by my guru ji.

Second Stop

The land of saints and mahatmas. The place is full of so much energy and concentration that the moment one closes eyes; one can instantly get the feeling of peace. I was fortunate to meditate on the bank of Ganga close to 12 o'clock in the night and start from early morning again at 4 am. The power that I felt reciting mantra in my practice of Mantra Yoga is great. Here I performed puja for the Shivalinga that I have had brought from Varanasi.

Third Stop

90 Kms away from Rishikesh is a place where the Bhagirathi meets Alaknanda and continue its onwards journey towards the plains of India as Ganges. It’s a most energizing place where I could perform puja to absolve all my sins as well as for the moksha of all my ancestors like how rishi Bhagirath has done. Here again I did abhisheka of the Shivalingas.

Fourth Stop
Neel Kanth Temple near Rishikesh:

The Neel kanth temple is situated 31 KM away from Rishikesh. This temple is the place where Lord Shiva meditated for almost 60,000 years under the Vat Tree and the shivalinga is Swayambhoo (Lord Shiva Himself). The most profound thing what I felt there was the fact that I could feel energy hitting me a good 5 Kms away from the temple. A very powerful place and the meditation there gave me an exhilarating feeling. I could feel a ball of light exploding over my head during the course of the meditation.

Fifth Stop

At the Har Ki Pauri, a bath took away all my tiredness from the journey and made me fresh like new. Most like a rebirth and pious feeling one gets in the waters of Ganges there.

Om Namah Shivaya

Following is pictures what me or my driver has taken on the tour.


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