Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The cleansing of body is required.....

One of my pandit ji has said that toxicants like Smoke, Tobacco and Alcohol apart from other things more harmful like drugs make the physical body a virtual trash room, where til the time the 50 watt of soul bulb is burning. As long as the soul is feeble in energy, it does not matter what trash the soul carries but once the yogi burns with brighter energy like 1000 watt bulb, through spiritual practices; the whole trash of the room is highlighted.

Its better to make the vessel clean, the room cleaner to attain and recieve the universal light so that the whole body glows. Well I have understoood that and I am going to take heed and practice cleansing now.

I always felt after my trips to Rishikesh and other places that the energy ebbed away very fast the moment I came to the city and to my life style. As it said by pandit ji that my "Shri" or rather the Aura gets depleed with the life style.... I am going to change now ....



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