Saturday, July 02, 2005

Kali Ma at Dakshineshwar Temple....

The moment I went inside the temple, I felt a wave of peace enveloping me. I reached the main temple there was Goddess kali in her full glory with Lord Shiva under her feet, in one of her hands She was carrying the recently beheaded head of the Asura and She with her blood red tongue was looking so captivating… I could not move for some time from the front of her… Her eyes ere flooding my soul with so much warmth that I started feeling perspiration even in the cold of morning. Her gaze gave me goose pimples and I was feeling a wave of reverence reaching out to her and touch her….

I went to the place in front of her idol, and sat down in meditation. Kali ma filled with her divine grace my whole body and was not able to move for some time.. The closed eyes were able to see what went on, on these same premises with so many great souls of Kolkata keeping the fire of knowledge and religious moment burning from here for centuries. I could find their presence a very soothing experience.. then I moved on to the place where they have Shivalinga facing the river Ganga.

Jai Kali Ma


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