Saturday, August 20, 2005

7th Lesson...

Hi all

Oki.. guys here is the 7th Lesson of Mantra Yoga. I have put up all the previous lessons too on my blog as many many people have been asking about it. I am so happy to find few of the people getting back to me finally that those mantras have helped them in achieving few things that they have desired as well as general happiness that they are having. Thanks a lot for getting back to me on that.

Now here is a very important Mantra for the seeker of the knowledge.

Preparation: Make your self comfortable in the corner that you have had allocated to your self or the usual place where you meditate. Do the process of blocking your senses with fire sphere placed at your tongue, nostrils, eyes and ears. You can use a picture of Goddess Saraswati which I will post on my blog


Om Ai(n)m Saraswatyai Namah

Its a mantra for Goddess of Knowledge Saraswati Ji. This mantra is used for all things about gaining Knowledge, in terms of educations, knowledge about the all pervading thoughts or spirituality or any thing in music or any skills.


Om : As told earlier.

Ai(n)m : “Ai” and “m” as in “aim” but with nasal “n” sound after Ai

Saraswatyai :

“Sa” = Sa as sa in sam
“Ras” = as Rus in “Rust”
“Wat” = as wo in Won and T as t in Chat
“Yai” = as Ye in Yeah


This is about knowledge and it helps a great lot if one uses white flowers to meditate on this mantra… Please start with thinking of a white flame on the Om sound and let it grow into the place between the eyes. Feel it growing while the whole mantra that you are pronouncing. With “OM” take a deep breath and let it reach the place between the eyes and hold it there with the sound of “Aim”. With Sarashwatyai Namah let the breath out slowly and the white flame remains at the Ajna Chakra.

This should be done 108 for the people in the times of Tests, exams or practicing some thing about knowledge other wise can be done for 21 times daily.

Om Namah Shivaya


Anonymous regan said...

hello shashi i read everything you wrote her ,it is apreciated friend please continue with more mantra leassons peace friend ,regan

12:12 PM  

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