Saturday, October 23, 2004

What this Dark Zen is.... ?

For some time now I am thinking of Zen and the basis of it all .... Why its different ? Why people get along with it so nicely or why its more popular than the Hindu Religious belief although it basically started from the same. Gautam Buddha got awakened in Bodhistava here in India.

There are certain reasons for it ..first of its very simple to understand .. recites with story telling simplicity unlike hindu where most of the things is in sanskrit and was closely held to chest by brahmins who did not want to let go of their powers.
Secondly, zen is worldly wise.... it takes the believers through the physical route rather than the mental route.
etc etc

I am also getting interested in DARK ZEN as a research object ... why its gaining ground on Zen? What is so good or so myterious about it...?

Well as per the person who are going about the dark Zen the concept basically is...

Dark Zen Meditation (hereafter, DZM) is a method designed to enter into communion with the superessential light of the Buddha. For those of you who are of pure intent converging with this light is tantamount to directly sensing the Buddha’s true teaching which spontaneously emanates from his most mysterious supernal body. Letting this light dwell within insures that you will eventually reach the far shore of liberation.

Some times the thought DARK interests me...

OM Namah Shivayah


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