Saturday, May 21, 2005

My visit to Kedar Nath....

Every day I think about the Temple and the Shivalinga where I am planning to go on 27th May and I am not sure that I will be there or not... It looks afar away place to me where I yearn to go and pray to the Lord Shiva but then I guess its all in the hands of Shiva whether he wants me or not...

As of now it looks bleak, although I have got every thing arranged but I do not have been able to work out the details like the flight ticket from here to Delhi and also the return ticket. I have sent a message to haryana Police DIG of CID for a meeting at Chandigarh or Delhi. That still to be fixed, need to touch Dehradoon too for the project .. I hope it all falls into place as I would love to visit the shrine of Lord Shiva very much.....

Om Namah Shivaya

PS: I am sure that I will be there on 27th May, 2005


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