Saturday, July 02, 2005

On the way to Dakshineshwar Temple of Kali Ma....

In later days, we all are aware about the realities how Rama Krishna derived his Liberation and trance by the touch of the image of Goddess Kali there and acquired the supernatural power and became an ascetic with divine austerity. There also the Cosmic grace of Maa-Kali turned. Ramakrishna as a saint, as an incarnation of Lord Rama and Krishna together in one embodiment. Swami Vivekanand got his blessings and contemplated his preaching globally to serve humanity, to serve all living souls, to serve the Lord Shiva and taking all religions to be one and only one for the God being the one - the power omnipotent.

The morning I went to the Dakshineswar temple… and the throng of devotees was unusually high in number due to an auspicious day. In the Kali temple lot of female devotees were wearing specific Bengali sari which has a red border and the most favorite flower of Kali and goddess Durga ji is a kind of red flower .. it looked so interesting…


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