Saturday, August 20, 2005

6th Lesson...

Hi all

This time it has been a long time to write to you all and I think an apology is due to all those people who are sincerely following these lessons. I am sorry about the delay ... I had been to many places in these periods for more uplifting saadhna (practice) and chanting of mantras.

There has been a great experience on my own personal level at one of the heavenly abodes of Lord Shiva and I am more attuned now to get His divine grace and more inspired to learn of His ways and means of being one with the universal soul. It was a great experience.. and if any one of you are interested in knowing more about the experience then check out my blog ( ) where I have put that experience in words... which of course are too inadequate to convey the experience.

Anyways coming back to the work at hand ... here is the 6th Lesson of Mantra Yoga.

Preparation: Make your self comfortable in the corner that you have had allocated to your self or the usual place where you meditate. Do the process of blocking your senses with fire sphere placed at your tongue, nostrils, eyes and ears.


Har Har Maha Deva

Its a mantra for Lord Shiva.


HAR: Har as 'Har'in harmony

Maha: Ma as 'ma' in madam

Ha as Ha harmony

Deva: De as The in They
Va as in wa in wand


The most powerful way of this mantra Chant is visualize your self as you turn the beads to feel that you are being bathed in the pure waters of Holy Ganges.. or you can also visualize that the golden rays of divine light is filling you from head to toe... like you are soaking and slowly and slowly you are turning into a source of light in the cosmos. feel yourself filled with happiness and divine bliss as you keep chanting the Mantra ...

This one should do for 108 times and at the end of the chanting.. keep your eyes closed and feel that you are completely become a source of light ..feel like that you are watching the sunset on a beach or in the mountains or if you can then see the Himalayas feel yourself in the divine presence of a universal soul and feel that you are completely become as light and you are soaring into the sun.

End note: I am giving this Mantra today of Lord Shiva instead of the one that I thought of giving earlier as I was in Kedar Nath where I had this blissful experience... and felt that you all will be sharing my experience as you all do this.. I am sure with this mantra you can join with me in soaring into the Himalayan heights and feel the presence of Kedar Nath BABA in our own soul along with me...

Om Namah Shivaya


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