Saturday, July 02, 2005

... and Holy Ganges meet the vast sea at Ganga sagar...Completing thousands of miles of journey

I have been following ganges on its onward journey from Himalayas to its culmination point.. and finally I did reach Ganga Sagar... The place where ganges meet the vastness of the sea and flow very softly into bay of bengal.

I have had seen the Ganges in its many hues and forms but I was unprepared for its softness, vastness and its grace in meeting its purpose. On its way from the himalayas, on Her specific purpose of fullfilling the need of bhagirath and absalvation of many sinners, She had aquired many forms. From a very joyous boistrous and in perpetual hurrying meandering ways in Himalayas to a soothing clean pious attitude at Rishikesh ... to heavy and slow flow immersed with many sins of the various sinners on its way to varanasi, patna and then to its passing in huble with a depth... the Ganga I find very vast and happy at the ganga sagar....

The place gives one a sense of one's own smallness in the whole drama that is this life.. makes one feel to ge immersed in the soothing water, cleansing ones soul with love of Ganges and get on to the universal soul... The meditation at the mouth of bay of Bengal was uplifting and made me realise the purpose of life and its way.....

Om Namah Shivaya


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