Saturday, August 20, 2005

5th Lesson...

5th Lesson on Mantra Yoga

This is the most important task on the Mantra Yoga... The continuous way of doing prayers and then practicing Mantra Yoga on day to day basis.

I have tried to make give all of you a path to be a better person by the sound and chanting of mantras now I would like to take you deeper into this meditation.

The basic thing about any meditation is to reach the universal consciousness that has created this “Maya” i.e. the world around us, or if you like I will give you a more popular perception as the person who created around us the Matrix in which we live. Now as deeper as we get into meditation and reach closer to the universal consciousness our souls get enriched with the fleeting touches of the universal consciousness and it glows. Let me say it like this, suppose your body is a room with so many karma’s (The result of the action that you have done in this or in previous birth – I prefer in this birth), good and bad stored in the room and your soul is a feeble light which is burning inside the room. As more touches, feelings and enlightenment you receive from the universal consciousness through the constant practice of Mantra Yoga, your soul starts radiating more and more light. Now this room (i.e. the body that we carry with our soul) when there was less light was a den which did not show much what is inside. But as the light of our soul grows stronger, the trash of our bad karma starts becoming more prominent day by day. This shows in our own light of soul and resists in achieving and attracting great things in our own life.

This lesson is all about the cleansing of our body so that it can receive more divine light from the universal consciousness and attract better things in our own life.

Now all the toxic things that we intake (including those things that gives us pleasure too) are basically giving one an illusive feeling of happiness. The more you get into the deeper realms of mantra yoga more you will find your physical mind fighting to gain control and more your subconscious mind trying to wean away from those wasted things that only cloud your mind. When you find that your mind is restless in your meditation, try to make yourself a promise of avoiding those things that distracts your mind or make it more over excited.

This lesson is about taking control of your mind. There are these steps you need to take for that..

1) Avoid smoking, drinking or eating non-veg for atleast 8 hours before you do meditation.
2) Do Mantra yoga in the early morning, preferably at 6 AM in the morning
3) Take any image, or a symbol or a thing that you believe in and place it on a cloth (red color) on some kind of higher platform. Sit on the floor which ever way you are comfortable (Lotus position is best if you are comfortable). You should be sitting lower than the Image.
4) Light a lamp and incense stick and if possible offer some flowers.
5) Start with closing all your external intakes area as in the second lesson by placing fire balls on those areas. (Eyes, ears, nostrils, tongue – back, middle and tip of tongue)
6) Let the sphere of light pass through your spine and all your Chakras and come back to fill your body and every pore with golden light with sound of OM as in the second lesson.
7) Then you do the Mantra Yoga with whatever mantra you feel comfortable in chanting and complete the process.


At the end of this process, keep your eyes closed and let your mind wander…Let it go where ever it’s taking you and keep up with it. Follow it closely and find in ten minutes time what it keeps coming back to. It may be a problem a relationship or some financial difficulties etc. Zoom on into a particular thing and then start consciously thinking about it. Try your mind to wonder about it. Constantly try to bring whenever you mind moves on to other problems. Think creatively what you can do with the thing or the problem… keep thinking about it for ten minutes…after you have identified the thing.

Now open your eyes and let it remain in your thoughts and consciousness and look at the image what you have in front of you. Take a deep breath and close your eyes.

Chant This Mantra….


For 108 times for every day and it will resole your problems quite soon.


OM = as earlier

GANA = GA as g GOD and NA as n in Name

PATEYEH = PA as p in person, TE as te in temple YEH as in yeah

NAMAH = as earlier

Om Namah Shivaya


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