Sunday, October 24, 2004

The Mantra Yoga....

I have started this mantra yoga few months back with guidance of Guru Ji Baba Shri Siva (Baba Sri Siva is a spiritual name given to Dr. Baskaran Pillai. (In past years, Dr. Pillai has also been called Sri Siva, Brzee, Sri Guruji and Guruji). Baba Sri Siva is associated with an illustrious and esoteric lineage of enlightened Indian saints, the Tamil Siddhas, who have been passing on enlightened teachings for thousands of years, usually in very small circles of selected students. He has a mission to bring these secret teachings out to the world) and his Disciple Sh. Stuart Mooney, who was here in Chennai for some time. I learned and benefitted a lot with the teaching and techniques of manifestation. I could manifest (Really things that I did desire at those times) and above all I feel at peace with my self.

Tomorrow Baba Shri Shiva is in Chennai and I look forward to being in his presence. It has been a great pleasure and most satisfying to do mantra yoga and learn from his presnece.

For last two months I am trying to manifest something very physical and hoping to find it happenning within short period of his presence. One of my most satisfying experience will be unfolding soon....

Om Namah Shivayah


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