Sunday, November 07, 2004

When I get in too deep.....

I have been practicing meditation for some time now...of and on. Last time I was off it was almost for never to return to it. This is what happens some times when you are not guided and one does manythings on own and learns and practices few things on ones own.

I would like to recount that one experience that left me scared and got me totally off the meditation long time back. May be few who have experienced the same thing or who are knowledgeable can give me some idea about the whole thing. This happenned in year 1982 when I was young and my maternal uncle (who was a great astrologer and Pandit) has a great influence on me. I used to read lot of books and used to meditate on Goddes Durga Ji and also trying to open my chakras for some time, then.

One particular day, I was sitting in my room, with all the doors and windows locked as it was cold jan night at around 11 PM and was trying to concentrate on my chakras starting with base of the spine and coming up to navel, heart, throat etc. This I was doing with a sphere of energy with OM recitation slowly and slowly I reached a stage where my body started to feel still and I started to feel great and was kind of enjoying the feeling of weightlessness. Suddenly, I find my self floating in air and I was able to see the top of my head sitting in lotus posture down. Seeing my own top of head gave me such a big jolt that I got scared and suddenly I got out of the meditation. After this experience I could not do any meditation for almost a decade. It was an experience which got me scared and I talked about it to my maternal Uncle and he told me that I should not have attempted this without the help of a guru. Since then I did not and finally attempted this again with only a guru .....

Om Namah Shivayah


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