Saturday, August 20, 2005

4th Mantra Yoga Lesson...

Now this lesson is more important in terms of power and effectiveness. To start this one should basically start on Monday morning as that is the day of Shiva. Preferably in the morning hours. Freshen up and have a bath take an incense stick and some flower whatever you like at sit at the corner where you are continue to meditate. It will be good if you can have Lord Shiva’s Picture to visualize.

After completing the first two process of attuning your self and if you need you can also finish the third Mantra of Love and peace and then you can start chanting the “The Maha mantra of manifestation”

This mantra is so powerful that people have been able to generate anything with this. They have been able to manifest whatever they need and as my guru ji says that one needs to be at the comfortable level of being with all the needs taken care of before one can concentrate on attuning himself to GOD.

This mantra has to be done with your chakras. It gets one’s own chakra enlightened and it works on the Crown or Yajna (Between the eyes) chakra usually.


OM (As Previously explained)

Na = Na as in “No” in None

Mah = As “mah” in Maharaja

Shi = As “She”

Va = as “Wa” in Ward

Ya = as “Ya” in Yard

How to meditate on this Mantra ….

Start with a proper sitting posture how ever you are comfortable. Then think of a light when you close your eyes in front of you. With the sound OM let this light glow between your eyes.

Then Start with “Na” sound and let this light start at the base of your spine. Next move this light to your navel with the sound “Mah”. With sound “Shi” let this light continue to go up to your heart chakra. Then with sound Va you movie it to your throat chakra. With sound “Ya” you enter your yajna chakra i.e. between the eyes or you can stretch this sound to your crown chakra whatever is comfortable.

Repeat this process min 54 times …. If possible you can have beads to turn and do it for 108 times.

Start with a wish what you would like to have and I am sure within few weeks you will have it…Think from heart how it would be nice to have what you need before the mantra and in between if you are wandering and not able to concentrate on the Mantra.

Its really a very powerful Mantra … I have been blessed with this mantra and been able to achieve many material things and above all it have made me to visit all those places which I desired to go since childhood, like Rishikesh, badrinath, Varanasi, Ganga Sagar etc where I have been to meditate like the tour was arranged by Lord Shiva.


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