Friday, September 23, 2005


The drums slowly start beating
The rhythm keep repeating
Your name
Again and Again

Soul gathers around
Form bondings
and running in Chanting
And crying in love

But you kept watching, my Love from a pedestal

The beats grow slowly in frenzy
The feet's tap more hard into the ground
The eyes look heavenly
While your eyes, my love, are of Stone

The shadows of the flickering flame
Put up for showing lights
To lost souls
Flicker more beackoning your light

Slowly, my love, you stir from your slumber
Your smile spread across the hearts
The lights flickers more
And my love bursts in to flame
Of blissful tears

My love I have you in my heart
and in my soul
Now I can peacefully die
In your love

Radhe Krishna, Radhe Krishna


Blogger Felo said...

i am reading your blog for the first time. your blog title 'experiments with spirituality' attracted my attention. many of your articles mirror many of my spiritual experiences although i am not as widely traveled as you. spiritual quest is a journey of self-discovery guided very gently and inconspicuously by the Divine, which helps us look into ourselves with greater joy and acceptance. i also came to gather that you seem to have gone through 'a rough / difficult' phase at some point. my sympathies are with you. i read these few lines of encouragement & support today that i would like to also share with you:

His love is deeper than your pain
His support is greater than the problems
You are never alone
His Divine blessings are always behind you
Wishing you all the peace and happiness!

i am very grateful to you for all the information and experiences you have chosen to share with many of us! i am a great fan of lord shiva and i love him beyond words can describe. shiva is love & compassion in its fullest expression. your account of experiences at rameshwaram, hardwar, ganga, and other holy places was uplifting.

i wish you every success in your journey here and beyond.

Om Namah Shivaya

6:09 PM  
Blogger Virtual said...

Thanks for your comments and nice verse. Look forward to interacting with you and hope you like my further postings.

Om Namah Shivaya

4:12 PM  

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