Sunday, July 02, 2006

Day Five....

Most of the relatives are now in the process of catching up with each other and I have to catch up with my own tryst with Goddess Durga Ji. So early in the morning I got up and asked one of my aunts to get the temple washed by some one and I went out for a bath with the motor pump. This pump is in the field and the water comes out rushing with 7 HP motor through its 4 inch hose like a water canon. As the water thrust forced out my weariness from the previous day, I could not help thinking about those days when we have had to request our farm manager in various ways to get this started so that all of us kids can have a great fun time, splashing about in the water. Slowly a crowd of village children gathered around me and I invited them to join in the fun and as they thrashed about in the water I went back in time. After an hour or so of playing in the morning sunrise with thick jet of water gushing down on me, I came out and went to the temple. By now the temple was washed clean and the Durga Ji’s platform was glistening with water drops. I arranged all the things in order and I started Puja with all the rituals that I know of. There are many rituals of performing prayers for any particular deity but for me its just what comes to my mind at that time, I do. Making sure that its just like honoring a guest who has come to one’s house and making him/her comfortable. After an hour or so I started with the reason that I had to come. I wanted my self cleansed and wanted to chant Her name for a number of times and so I started with the morning sun still low in the east.

As the breath became calm, with Pranayaam (A breathing exercise given in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra which is supposed to be very powerful for spiritual upliftment and attaining Samadhi (A state of eternal bliss))and performance of chanting with the breath and chakra, I felt my tension leaving my body. My mind started becoming slow and sluggish and the thoughts that have been running and thrashing about here and there like the children that were playing with me in the water, started get calmer. The waters constant splash started sounding more like clinging of bell and the mind started loosing its ripples in the lake of thoughts. The mula dhara (Base chakra) became red and started glowing and slowly I find it rising up wards to the navel with each round of chants. Slowly I felt it rising to the heart chakra and a blue calmness enveloped me. It pulsated with my, by now very calm and measured breath, and it expanded with each of my heart beat to envelope the whole of the environment around me. Slowly I started feeling hot in around my throat and it became unbearably hot slowly. I opened my eyes and looked around to find nothing to produce this discomfort and it was unusual and slowly I found my self feeling rather sad and I closed my eyes to let this sadness leave my inner self. I started praying again to Durga Ji and asked her for the reason but nothing was forthcoming. So I let it go and again started with my chanting. With each cycle of breath with Pranayaam I felt calmer and slowly I could achieve the depth of meditation at what I had left. My mind was calmer now and the pressures of sadness has left from deep inside.

The point between the eyes become now pressured and I could feel lot of energy glowing there in form of a flame and with each sound of mantra it started growing and glowing firmer… I was entranced in its dance form and I started loosing the control of my chants and it became slowly inaudible to even me. I felt my hairs standing on its ends and I felt my self merging in the atmosphere. I felt my chants leaving me and flying around in the temple and slowly I felt a deep sense of exhilaration rise in me and fill me up with solid gold light. I was happy and I felt like I could fly. I was then floating into the sky like riding the breeze that was enveloping me from all sides. And Slowly I came down on an ocean of white waves with blue ridge and I was skimming the surface with my hands. It all felt so new and happy that I could almost touch the happiness and suddenly I was in water and felt suffocation which at once cleared to give me a great vision of the depth of the sea. I could even see the bottom of the sea as it was unusually lighted from all sides… I was wondering what was happening then suddenly I found my self in front of my own temple in the whole far corners of the sea glowing red with energy and I went down inside to bow before Durga Ji and then I heard the sound again of the Mantra that was given to me some ages ago as mentioned in this blog some years back. I was thrilled and prostrated before Durga Ji in form of the platform in the temple which was shining like a orange cube. I touched my head to one of its edge and felt the soft warmth of the edge and opened my eyes.

I was still in my temple and the place around me has become active unlike the morning calm when I had started the chanting. It was mid day and I found one of my cousin coming towards me to ask for lunch. I was very light hearted and I felt the spring in my feet’s and found my strength again of happiness.

After lunch I came back again to complete the chanting and I was able to finish the same by the night fall and I was very happy in the sense of achieving something that I had promised my self to do this time in my village.

It’s a very powerful mantra that I have been given by my esoteric Guru at the time of my initiation into the spiritual fold. He had told me that by chanting this mantra one can actually get friendship, avoid pitfalls and disease, and be secure and happy in life. I wanted to do this chant at this temple for many years and now that I have done this I was thinking of putting this chant on my group “Mantra Yoga” which I have been promising my friends since long time. I think now I will be putting it up in my group as well as here once I finish the last day of my visit to the village. i.e tomorrow.

Om Namah Shivaya



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