Saturday, June 17, 2006

Winds of Change....Waiting at the Gorakhpur Railway Station

I watched the leaf falling through many branches and swept away with winds and finally resting on the rails of small guage train rails... Just like I have been swept by winds of turbulent times testing my strength and courage as well as my conscious belief in superconsciouness...

Waiting here at the Gorakhpur Railway station on my way to my ancestral village, I was reflecting on the way things have changed from past few months to few days.. even. Imagine going through a training in the world capitol of IT Bangalore few days back and now here I am online through my Nokia Communicator which I am sure not going to work once I start on my way to my village which is like the dust ...hidden in the IT Back lanes.. so may be I will be online only in few days...

But apart from this there has been upheaval in my life too... Waking up to a call from my brother in early morning 4AM and knowing that my father has passed away just after few days of my penning of a poetry in celebration of his joining HIS heavenly abode... now sitting here two thousand miles away thinking about those moments brings to the contrast of the feelings and sensitivity. Dad wanted to be near his earth where he was born and brought up so all of us brother and my mother thought it fit to have his last rites in his own soil. ... DUST TO DUST SOUL TO SOUL...

Every time I used to reach this station which has always been a kind of gateway for me fromurbanisation to my rural lifewhich I have loved always... I used to feel so good reaching this place from delhi... and some times my couontry cousins used to travel 100 KMs to be at this stationto join us on our journey to our village.. used to have fun... now sitting here with one of my brother and one friend... we have an urn of ashes of my father to be spread across the fields where not only he, but we all used to play....

The sun is setting and the train is on its way... I will leave you all with some small thought that is coming to me just now...

Another life Unfolds

Fluttering leaves
Settles on the dust
Waiting for the wind to unfold
Take her to the far corners
Of turbulent time
and leave
Her on the village temple
In wait for another life
To unfold

Om Namah Shivaya


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