Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You left foot prints in me....

The stars are coming closer

Over the sea

And I find you walking down the waves

Waving to me

How the stars have fenced the sea

Come sit next to me

I remove the space between

“Come walk with me

These moments”

So that they leave foot prints in me

No man has said this before

No one has

Fluttered your heart

No one has loved so much

Yes no had asked me before

How I love

What do I do

Sleep is playing tricks with me

I am dead now

Now I am dreaming

That you love

Now you are leaving

Throw a little dirt

Cover it with your laughs

I am lying awake

In my piece of space

Six feet deep in earth

Death is acceptable

But what do I do

Its not coming

Before that

Your pain happened

Om Namah Shivaya



Blogger kavitha said...

Speechless... a very moving poem indeed.

this is one of the most beautiful lines i have read, amazing imagery:

How the stars have fenced the sea

Wow... thats a line worth remembering. Giving the sea a limit, a finite picture...


3:06 PM  
Blogger Vami said...

i agree, that this is a poem that contains a lot of feeling. there is love and disappointment because of unrequited love. there's something more to this poem than just giving limits and an opening line, although, i do agree that it is a fine way to start a poem....actually, the writer speaks of not having limits but of limitlessness and vastness. the sea in this poem is personified....actually, it represents the poet and a certain emotion/feeling (love) and how captivated he feels by it. however, the love is unbalanced and is causing sadness because the object of affection has not returned the sentiment. this can be seen in the line, "...Throw a little dirt/Cover it with your laughs..."....maybe virtual will be able to further expound on the topic.
also, virtual, your photographs are amazing. you've captured the rays of the sun and they make the sun even more captivating, almost as if one was looking into the real sun. the rays look like little sparks of the sun.

3:00 PM  
Blogger Virtual said...

Kavitha... and Vamini...

Thanks a lot for the comments... Its nice to know that people can actually feel what I am feeling at the time of writing. I usually write impromtu and this one I finished in 15 minutes.. in the grip of an emotional surge.. Its not nice to feel that you are not loved back although I feel that loving in itself is an end.. that is how the Bhakti Yoga prescribes the devotion. I always loved with being happy in the process of loving in itself.. like the love of God ..

Thanks Vamini for thiking me as the Sea.. depth of emotions love and vastness.. but then its the same sea that Muni Agust drank on one go.. so nothing is big or small its just the comparison that makes one so... But yes Vamini.. I love from the depths of my heart... and from the vastness of my soul..

Thanks for liking the picture..

11:46 AM  

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