Monday, March 13, 2006

Wake up my Love....

Wake Up My Love

The whole pain
Precipitated from the night sky
In the morning rain
Chiding me for love exposed
Now in the drenched soil
Uncared and very small

How I love
A question that needs answer
Only to those who don't
And it etches like
A newly acquired scab
I just don’t know

What I know
Is this feeling in me
Growing by each space
You put in between
Brings me down on my knees
Feeling the greatness that was
To smallness that is

Meanwhile the Rain
Lashes on my car windows
Love lashes within
Whipping up a storm
And I call you up
To say how lovely is the weather
Wake Up

Om Namah Shivaya Virtual

There was a comment on this poetry on the group where I usually post my poetries.. which I am reproducing here





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3-11-2006 3:08 PM


RE:Wake Up My Love...Challenge & comment


this is really wonderful. such deep emotion of love in this. If I is about love of the purest kind.


Blogger kavitha said...


A very lovely poem indeed. Specially the last part. I have felt the moment when i just wanted to drive down east coast road on a rainly day, given Chennai doesnt see too much of it.

So beautifully written, to see the rain lashing on the car windows, forming strings of water as we dash through the road watching the stormy seas as we drive on...

Very beautiful indeed, what i didnt understand was "Star's" challenge to comments on the blog.I couldnt understand why the word challenge was used for such a beautiful, uncomplicated, poem that paints such a serene picture. Its all so peaceful, there is no room for competition...


10:01 AM  
Blogger Virtual said...

Dear Kavitha...

Thanks for your comment.. yeah the drive down East Coast Road is as marvellous as the storm that gathers up in ones own emotions of sea.

Stars challenge was not actually for this post but was for the poetry group that we are in together. She wanted to let the people read and comment on it. I understand that it was not needed here so I have removed it now.

You know Kavitha, its nice to see that you could see that picture. I love haikus so you see I do end up painting pictures with words.. and its nice to have some one actually see those pictures.

Om Namah Shivaya

12:48 PM  

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