Friday, February 17, 2006

Rameshwaram - The First thoughts....

When I reached the temple, which is one of the very famous abodes of Shiva and only one in south India, the sun was setting on the main entrance, which at once captivated me. We went inside the temple and at once I felt a weight leaving my shoulders as soon as I stood in front of a magnificent Shivalinga. The desire, which was in me since early childhood, left its pressure and in its place a serene calm descended on me bathed in the powerful vibration of the Shivalinga. I felt a surge of affection to the idol rising and I bowed my head within the powerful chants of Tandava Strotra (How ironic it was that I was enthralled with the powerful recitation of Tandava Strotra which was composed by the same Demon King of Srilanka, Ravana for whose defeat Lord Sri Ram performed the Shivalinga Puja and installed the same Shivalinga. In our own Epics Ravana has been acknowledge as a great master and Priest and composed the Tandava Strotra to appease Lord Shiva who finally gave him many powers to become invincible). After some time spending in the Garbha Grih – The Sanctum Sanctorum, with the very powerful Shivalinga, I came out visibly shaken and very much thrilled.


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