Thursday, February 02, 2006

Rameshwaram Visit - A peaceful begining....

Outside I changed to fresh clothes after the bath and started to visit the temple for my Rudra Abhishekam. The process of Rudra Abhishek is to get one pot full of after purified by the chanting of Mantras and performing certain Vedic rituals by three to five priests with the person who is doing the Rudra-Abhishek. After almost an hour of the same we were ready to go to the sanctum sanctorum to bath the Shivalinga with the purified water. I had brought myself pure holy Ganges water, which was also added to the pot. Its said that one get great benefits if one brings holy Ganges water from Rishikesh to perform the Rudra Abhishek. Then in the front of the Shivalinga we did perform puja with Vedic mantras and Vedic rituals. It was an enlightening experience for me as I was ale to feel the presence of strong vibration once all the things that were adorning the Shivalinga and I could see the powerful Shivalinga that was installed here by Lord Shri Rama Himself. The Shivalinga in its free from all the adornments gives a feeling that one is seeing the same Shivalinga along with Sri Rama while one is performing the Prayers. One suddenly gets there in that space of time and be with that period of performance. I was grateful for the priest that he took my prayer beads too and adorned the Shivalinga with it, which I had brought from Kedarnath, the other four of the Powerful Jyotirlinga of Shiva like this one. I could feel the beads still burning with the touch of the power source and I was ecstatic while wearing them again around my neck. The whole 5 hours of ritual made me very pure which I could feel in my veins. I grew blissful with each intake of breath there and after the end of the whole Abhishekam, I just went out and sat besides the Shivalinga that Lord Hanuman brought and went into a peaceful realm of supreme consciousness.

Om Namah Shivaya


Blogger ganesh said...


This is ganesh here.

If I remember Myself correct, I studied in shivpuranam, That before going on pilrimage to rameshwaram one needs to carry water from prayaga. I understood this prayaga to be prayaga sangamam or Triveni sangamam at allahabad. But according to your journey description it is dev prayaga at rishikesh. Can you pls clarify.

I am very much interested in carrying the water from prayaga to rameshwaram. but I am confused about the prayaga reffered to shivapuranam.

Thanks much.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Virtual said...

Dear Ganesh
You are right that the reference of Prayag is for triveni sangam at Allahabad where three rivers that meet, Ganga, Yamuna and Sarswati.
The Devprayag is the place from where Alaknanda and Mandakini join and move on towards plains in the name of Ganga.
It will be great to carry water from Prayag for the abhishkam at Rameshwaram.
Have a great puja...
Om Namah Shivaya

9:07 AM  
Blogger Rama said...

1)What about other rituals like taking bath in the 22 wells ( I hope the number is right).
2) If we cannot go to Dev Prayag , what is the other alternative?
3) Whom should we contact . for example priests etc?
If you have some contacts please post it in your blog.
4) Which is the best place to stay with good amount of luggage for safe storage for two days.
5) Is Feb a safe time to go in terms of weather?
6) Can one reach Rameshwaram by train from Nagercoil ? or is it only Madurai by train.
7) Is there any fast train like Sethu express from Madurai?

Kind regards

5:59 AM  

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