Sunday, January 15, 2006

One evening at the Vishwanath Temple in the Shivananda Ashram..

I was sitting in the Vishwanath Mandir at Shivananda Ashram meditating on the Lord Krishna. There were few swamis going about cleaning the place as the aarti has just finished. Some of them were cleaning the utensils, which were used to keep the prasaad, and a very young devotee was sweeping the floor. Suddenly the hall’s silence was broken with shattering of glass as one of the swami’s dropped the bottle containing the oil for the lamps. I opened my eyes to find few of the shards of the bottle lying at my feet and the boy sweeping the floor gently swept it away. As my meditation was broken, I opened my eyes to see the Krishna eyes smiling in all this silent commotion and I started thinking how the life at the ashram is so peace full within the life’s chaos. The ashram is full of the divine joy, which usually comes from the vibrations of devotion. In 1943, the Vishwanath Mandir was consecrated in the Shivananda Ashram. From that time onwards thousands and thousands of devotees devotion has made this icon of focus for all meditations and devotions a very powerful source of bliss radiating out from it. This 67 years old icon of peace in the form of Lord Vishwanath has its internal teja (The spiritual power) pulsating in his divine smile. And for the people like me who are on the look out for a short cut to achieve a life of bliss, which many thousands of devotees find after a life of tapa and asceticism.


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