Sunday, January 15, 2006

One Evening on the banks of River Ganges....

Sitting on the banks of Holy River Ganges, my mind this time was full of doubts. I have been through lot of worries, which I had left for the will of God to take care, while I kept up to my work. Slowly things started falling in the place but I had doubts of things like even if I had not left it to Him, then would it have been solved in the way it has or not. So many choices any one of those would have worked fine I guess. But what is it, which makes things finally fall in place. My faith, divine interventions or just plain luck. With these doubts, my thought was searching for the clarity, which I guess, I did realize at the end.
What happens when one leaves the results to the God is that whole universe conspires to make things happen with the best choice. As the deepest desires and well being of a person actually comes from within the soul, the gateway to the paramatman. Once one leaves it to that gateway, it actually manifest things in the way its more conducive to the health of the soul.... Contd.


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