Thursday, December 01, 2005

The spritual power....

The place is full of spiritual powers and the atmosphere makes one relate to God in much more easier way than one can find among the negativity that one has in urban surroundings. The holy Ganges that flows down the hill sends such powerful vibrations that one gets drenched in the flood of spiritual thought like being in a monsoon shower. The sounds of conch, chants and hymns being sung in the ashram rekindles the spirit and makes one conversant with ones own inner self. Meditating in my own room that was graciously provided by Swami Ji was full of instant awakening of my own muldhara and the heart charka as I felt a surge of joy flow through my spine up to my heart and I felt a joy which definitely is hard to achieve in normal atmosphere. I feel that is the reason I am drawn to this place and now I feel this place as my spiritual home.


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