Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The God's own Country and The Goddess own House.. Chottanikkara Bhagwati Temple in Kerala...

Last week when Chennai was again thrashed by rain God Indra and each time this happens I am invariably are out of town. This time I was away contemplating thoughts about my growing affection with Durga Ji on the footsteps of a very famous temple Chottanikkara Bhagwati. I remember the last time I went to Kerala and specially this very Temple almost a decade back, I was in Cochin for an interview for a Job. Fortunately I did not get that job which makes now possible for me to travel to so many interesting places... in India and I could pursue my "Experiments with spirituality" here...

Kerala is a beautiful state and the moment I landed here I was asked by a friend who was sitting next to me on the flight to help him reach a place called Allepy which was some 90 KMs away from the airport. On the way, talking to him I realized that so many of us try to reach that ultimately peaceful state through many ways. Here is this person sitting next to me, crying about his wife to whom he was married for 27 years and feels the pangs of her absence – and is trying in effect to forget her absences by traveling.


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