Thursday, November 03, 2005

The essence of Krishna within the air and dust..

The tea shop was full of people starting the new day with an invigorating drink and the best tea I have had since some time while I was waiting for the boat to come to take me back to the Mayapur. As soon as the boat hit the Mayapur shores there was flood of people surging to grab a place in the boat, many with their cycles and baskets and tools. Most of them were workers on their way to work. I had hard time getting off the boat fighting to hold my onwards movement against the inward tide. I felt sad reaching Mayapur as the mere breath in Navdweep was full of energy and religious sentiments. How close I felt to you Krishna when I was on the soil of Navdweep. Their, among the people, who were carrying within them the devotion that one son of that soil had for you and could reach you. I was closer to you there than I was ever… Navdweep, it’s great that you could hold that essence of devotion within your Dust and air. I bow to you in great respect.

Radhe Krishna, Radhe Krishna



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