Thursday, November 03, 2005

Krishna Where are you?

I felt walking on the streets of Mayapur Navdweep where Chaitanya Mahaprabhu walked his first steps and tried to gather what is so special in those dusty crowded streets where only a rickshaw can be plied..? What is it in the place that makes me bow down to touch the earth and put it on my forehead in deep reverence? When I stepped on the boat from the Mayapur to reach to the Navdweep, the journey itself prepared me for the vision that I was going to have in the birth place of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The river in its meandering ways with trees bent low almost touching the holy waters of River Ganges in obeisance. I almost saw Krishna playing joyfully in those branches of the trees teasing gopis by taking all their clothes to the tree top.

As soon as I touched the ground zero of Navdweep, I felt joy surge in me as I was finally in the place where bhakti yoga took its root and the air was full of vibrancy and devotion. The place where Chaitanya Mahaprabhu used to go to worship Govinda was full of his divine presence. Many devotees fresh from bathe in holy Ganges with droplets clinging to their clothes and freshly painted as dew drops on the enchanted faces like gopis dressed with desire to meet Krishna passed me on the way to meet Him. How graceful the way those gopis laid out their love for you Krishna. Among them I find myself so insignificant and small… how easy it is for them to be with you all the time along with their household chores.. and family burden.


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