Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Her Face Smiles away my doubts...

In those surroundings where many people come and bathe in the pond, which for all practical reasons dirty, and then become pure to visit the Deity, where there is lot of sound but silence is reigning. The birds fly from the tree top to tree top and my thoughts are running haywire. There must be something that brings me here….?

I saw Deity’s Face shining in gold with Her eyes that followed me from the entrance to Her pedestal. I find in Her eyes peace and my various thoughts and doubts just disappeared. I was here to soak in Her power and feel Her presence seep through me.. That is why I keep finding my self in the temples looking for the super consciousness and the energy that is making me feel high.. and in a blissful state…

Out side I find that lady still standing there and talking to her Mother in the way she can.. in the way she can make Her understand that Mother I do need You. So Help her Mother.

Om Namah Shivaya



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