Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Neel Kanth Mahadev Temple....

This famous temple that made me feel goose pimples all over, the time I take the final turn to take the most uphill roads around five kilometers before, is a very powerful spritual place. I try to visit this temple every time I visit Rishikesh because I find in its surroundings very powerful spritual current. This is the place Lord Shiva supposedly took the poison that came out of the churning of mythical sea with Meru Parvat (Himalaya as the Stick) by which the sea was churned. The belief is that one gets manifold results of Tapa (Meditation) done here. IN this picture you see the sea being churned. Its on the top of the enterance to the temple.

I got a great chance to be inside the temple and meditate on the very powerful self appearing Shiva Linga that is inside the garbh Grih here. The temple is very beautiful and then enterance is more like the Gopurams in the south with lot of carving etc..

I feel a great happiness that comes within me when ever I visit this place. While sitting cross legged here, I thought of so many devotees that throng to this place and their devotion still floating in the air. Nearby a stream runs and I find many of the devotess bathing before coming inside the temple to offer their prayers.....

The shops nearby gave us some Flowers, Bel Patra ( A leaf which is supposed to be offered to Lord Shiva) and Ganga Jal along with two incense stick. To light the incense stick we could not find any match box so we asked around and then could get one. This was lighted next to the very old Pepul tree.

When I started coming out of the temple I remember the Tandav Strotra where The Demon King Ravana Trying to Appease Lord Shiva said that you with your thrid eye has been able to even destroy many powerful enmies then please destroy my bad karma and let me leave next to you.....

Om Namah Shivaya


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