Thursday, December 01, 2005

Meditation at the Ashram....

The night time meditation at the banks of Ganges was kind of revisiting my own self. How one forgets to keep in touch with oneself in day to day routine of business and pressures of urban jungle. While the chilly winds from the Ganges kept me thinking of those sages who did not have had any clothes while meditating and even the founder of Siva Nanda Ashram who used to come early in the morning at 4 AM and stand in waist deep water to meditate for hours together.. There were people sleeping on the bank and the sound of their breath keep touching me in my meditation while I tried concentrating my mind to one thought of Ganges flowing out of Shiva’s Locks. Finally I lost all the consciousness of surrounding and find my self swirling in those locks submerged in the sift current of holy Ganges. And in one sudden gust I shot out of the locks along with the main current of Ganges and started falling like in a very deep fall. I hit the ground with a force along with the current and I felt the shock of the break and started gasping for breath… I don’t know how long that lasted but then slowly I regained myself and I could see my self blissfully floating in the Ganges from where I was sitting and meditating.

I slowly walked back to the top of the hill and after doing the prayers, I slept at 4AM in the morning like a log till 7AM, when swami Ji sent my driver to wake me up for us to Visit Neel Kanth Mahadev Temple 30 KMs away from our place.

Om Namah Shivaya



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