Sunday, January 15, 2006

The serenity of Devprayaag....

I walked away from their private moments of devotion and started to do my prayers and my own cleansing process. Here at this Ghat I have a friend who lives in the only cave on this confluence. He is does aarti every day on this confluence and in the cave he has a dhuni (Fire of logs) and devotes his time in, I think, contemplation of Shiva. He always calls me when I am in Chennai and requests me to come over. This time he offered me tea on the fire and also offered me a Rudraksha Mala (Beads of Rudraksha is a very powerful as its specially provides the bearer with power and wealth) and then agreed to perform Puja for me. I have always offered the money to this yogi for the aarti at this confluence for the whole year, which he does every time in the evening.

I finally went to the river and took a very refreshing bath listening to the flowing water and sat on a stone jutting out to the river. Sat in meditation for some time looking at the river coming from the side of Kedarnath and Badrinath. I have always loved performing puja at Kedarnath, which was the last time I was there an enlightening moment. I thought of my feelings at that time and I sat in meditation looking inward to relive the moment of the ecstasy that I got there. The river flowed without much turbulence at the surface but deep within I was able to feel its power, which was surging forward. In moments of reflection I have always thought of how it would be like to flow with that force. Slowly I came out of my deep reflection and the priest was calling me for the puja. While sitting there I thought of my friends, relatives and brothers and father mother.. and wished them all happiness and great times ahead in life.

Whenever I sit on the banks of river I find myself full of love and also sure of the well being of all my surrounding. This feeling of love for all increases manifolds at these places and gives me so much confidence that I feel like I can actually make all of them happy. Is it true.. I feel it some times from deep within that it is so. Because when I touch deep within I find the part of soul, which is part of the same universal consciousness that is the source of all joy and manifestations. I think in those times of bliss that I am capable of manifesting happiness all around. I am grateful to The Lord Shiva for filling me with these thoughts and feelings of loveā€¦

Om Namah Shivaya


Blogger Vami said...

Hello Shashi,
i enjoyed reading your posts. the pictures are beautiful. i have a question...well maybe i need to find out more...there is a picture of Mahaavtar Babaji behind your friend who gave you the beads. please tell me more about him. thank you. by the way, how are you?

6:51 AM  

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