Sunday, January 15, 2006

Some Images of Rishikesh and my time there...

It was a blissful surrounding here at the DevPrayaag ... Once I reached there, I forgot all the worries of the world and was immersed in the bliss of the Himalayas...

One finds many types of people on the way to various pilgrim places enroute in Himalayas. This Pilgrim here has been staying at this place for number of years and is come down from the higher regions of Himalayas in the winter

Sunrise at the Vashisth Gufa(Cave) which is on the banks of the Holy River Ganges. It was exhilerating to sit on those stones and just watch the sun rise behind those lush green hills.

Vashisth Gufa 28 KMs away from the Rishikesh where Vashistha Muni (Sage) did meditations. These idols are centuries old and when one sits within that confines of the Cave one can really feel the presence of Sage very powerful vibrations.

A huge Lord Shiva image on the way to Dev Prayaag from Rishikesh. Pls notice the other huge Shivalinga which on the side under whose canopy there is the temple of Lord Shiva. You can imagine the height of the Shiva Statue by the size of My driver standing in the front and my car in the back ground


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