Thursday, February 02, 2006

Rameshwaram - The Shivalinga brought by the Monkey King Lord Hanuman...

Just next to the Garbha Grih, there is another very powerful Shivalinga which has a great story attached to it. When Lord Shri Rama came back to the shores of Rameshwaram, after conquering the Kingdom of Ravana, he wanted to perform a puja and pay his respects to Lord Shiva for making him victorious. To do this he needed a Shivalinga to be brought from the heavenly adobe of Lord Shiva from mount Kailash to which Lord Hanuman the Monkey king said that he would rush and get it from there which was at the other end of India in Himalayas and left to bring it. Every one waited for him to come back with Shivalinga while the auspicious time for the performing Abhishekam (The Abhishek is about bathing the Shivalinga with Ganga Jal (Holy water from Ganges river which is supposed to be most purifying) and adorning the Shivalinga with various auspicious thing. So finally at the insistence of many priest Lord Shri Rama decided to make a Shivalinga out of Sand and performed the Puja. By that time Shri Hanuman also arrived with Shivalinga from the mount Kailash and was very much disheartened by seeing that the puja is already being performed. To see his sad self Lord Shri Rama consoled him by granting him that the Shivalinga that he has brought will be before the Shivalinga he has performed the Abhishek for and people will also pray at his Shivalinga too otherwise they will not get the benefits of the performing puja. Hence he was appeased and made happy.

This Shivalinga is just next to the main shrine, which attracted me a lot with its own beauty and powers. I sat in front of it where many devotees were already sitting and I started meditating and I could feel myself going deeper in the form that was Shri Hanuman and could visualize how devoted he was to bring this from the Mount Kailash. I can touch the feeling that he was having at that time of being the one to bring such precious thing to Shri Ram whom he was devoted. I went out with him on his trip to Mount Kailash (Which I desire very much and would like one day to be there too on mount Kailash in the heavenly abode of Lord Shiva) and feel the passions rising with the powerful wind swept face by the speed of which I was flying in emotions. I could feel the swell of my bliss rising within and I was exhilarated in the moments of reaching that divine place. Suddenly I got out of the meditation and the Shivalinga was looking so bright with glow of its own which made me feel utter calm and joy. The priest of the temples requested me to do special puja, which I felt within my heart to do too. And after making arrangements for the Rudra-Abhishekam for the next day morning, I came out to go to Dhanush Koti where Lord Shri ram crossed the sea to reach the shores of Shri Lanka.


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