Thursday, February 02, 2006

Rameshwaram - The story of Shri Ram at Dhanush Koti....

When Lord Shri Rama reached the shores of Rameshwaram, he was not very sure how to cross the river. He asked the sea to give way for the army to cross to which sea said that it will be against the nature of the sea to part way and requested him to make a bridge across and the sea also promised to subdue his waves to make it easy. Then he saw that many of the army is throwing rocks in the sea that does not sink. To his surprise he saw that they are writing His holy name on the rocks, which makes them float. This Dhanush Koti is the place where this bridge was made and it’s the nearest access point to the shores of Srilanka, which is only about 7 KM away. The remains of the bridge are still seen and after Sri Ram on the battle and installed demon Kings own brother as the king of Srilanka, who requested Him to destroy the bridge so that the kingdom of Srilanka remains safe from intruders. The site itself is very beautiful with sea on both side calm and serene. There were many tourists thronging the place and I took almost an hour to take it all in. Visualizing Sri Rama’s Army ground to a halt here and feeling what would have been a very active place at that time. The fishermen’s hut that dot the place there now and their many boats that are anchored in the sea makes me wonder if we are still at attached to the same time. What happens to the people who are touched by the powers of the place daily? Most of them I think don’t even realize that its something very unique or rather most them loose the charm of it all. I remember a very nice couplet of a Sufi saint, which basically means that those who live in the forest of sandalwood, end up burning the sandalwood.


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