Friday, February 17, 2006

Rameshwaram - The First thoughts....

After a long wait and lot of desire, I finally reached Rameshwaram. I have been hearing about Rameshwaram since the time I started understanding stories. And I always pictured Rameshwaram to be some thing really beautiful, which it was when I finally reached the seashore, which was supposed to be the place where Lord Rama in the great Epic Ramayana paid his respects to Lord Shiva by making a Shivalinga in sand and performed Puja.

The first thing that stuck me about the place was the beauty of the sea itself. It was so blue and pure that I felt that I have come across the river Ganges in its great form. Its said that the waves don’t come higher here as Lord Rama has requested the sea itself not to show his vigorous self so as to enable the army to cross over to fight the demon King Ravana. The waves that were lapping on the shores of Rameshwaram were like the thousands of devotees who were paying their sincere homage and respect to the Lord Shiva there… serene and calm. I reached Rameshwaram at around 3PM at the guesthouse of Coast Guards thanks to a great friend who arranged for me to stay there. It was bang on the beach itself at Mandapam around 16 KM from the Temple and the view was very invigorating as I could see the vast expanse of blue sea through the palm tree that was like a veil – revealing the tantalizing beauty of the sea from the balcony of the suit that we had occupied. I could not resist the idea of leaving immediately to reach the destination that I have been waiting for since so many years and started immediately to visit the temple and the Place where Lord Rama crossed the sea to reach Lanka to fight his battle.


Blogger kavitha said...

Hi to the virtual citizen,

You have a very interesting blog here and i believe you have travelled across the country a lot.

It is an impressive blog, fabulous to say the least. I would really love to invite you to my blog for i believe we share similar beliefs if not interests.

Would be great to have your views on my blog.

Warm regards

9:45 PM  
Blogger Virtual said...


Thanks for your views.. and yeah I have followed Ganges throughout the country even in the places one usually dont think Ganges is like in Rameshwaram they have a spring that they say is from Holy Ganges..

I wanted to have a look at your blog but I was not knowing your blog address... Pls tell me about it..

Om Namah Shivaya

10:46 AM  
Blogger kavitha said...

Hi Virtual,

I suppose you found it. Click on my name :)
I have not yet visited Rameshwaram, being so close ot it... I need to do the Rameshwaram Madurai circuit sometime soon.

But i guess i will read your blog before i venture that side.


4:05 PM  
Blogger PittFan said...

Hello Sir,

Thanks for posting such a great account of your darshan and your feelings. I really felt like I was there and doing all the things that you mentioned. Lord willing, he will give me the opportunity to visit Rameshwar.


6:08 AM  

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