Friday, August 11, 2006


I have seen serpents
Running over your skin
Playing in your hair locks
Bathing from the rivulets that
Run down from your head
And then some one told me
That its me
Now I find them leaving you
and running across my blood
Slithering in and out of my blood vessels
Touching my senses
In cold touch
I have them making me feel
Gripped in coils
While my mind writhes
In shudders
Of coiled tightness
Of my life
Day in and day out Love
I find you
Probing my senses
with your flickering tongue

Om Namah Shivaya Virtual


Blogger Vami said...

i like that you posted this poem here as well. The picture is beautiful. but then again, you always find appropriate and beautiful pictures.

4:20 AM  
Blogger Virtual said...

Thanks a lot for liking this poetry but you know what I think I got this picture from you only... . I love this picture for the way Parvati Ji is shown to be with Shiva .. I have not found this way Parvati Ji being shown any where .. like matching step with step with Lord Shiva on His path of healing and contruction after distruction...

Om Namah Shivaya

6:03 PM  

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