Sunday, July 09, 2006

9th Mantra on HI5 Mantra Yoga Group...

The days at my village has been a calming effect on me and the last day I did Chants of a great Mantra in our own ancestral Temple which my great great Grandfather made and my father created the temple structure around it. It is believed in our folklore that when Goddess Durga arrived to stay in this temple, she came like a queen in palanquin with many divine horses, elephants and Her own Lion alongside. The Durga mantra, which although very simple to pronounce but is very powerful.



OM = as explained earlier
SHRI= “SH” as in SHell
“RI” as in River

DURGAYAI = “DUR” as in DURing but sound of “D” is soft sound as in “TH” in THe
= “GA” as in GA in Garland
= “YA” as Ya
= “I” as “AI” in fAIr

NAMAH = As explained earlier

Meaning :

I bow to the Mother DURGA


DURGA ji (Ji is a sign of respect in our traditions like what we have as in Mr / Mrs but has more deeper sense of respect) is supreme divinity. She is without qualities and attributes and as such she contains all qualities and attributes. The masculine qualities are important but they must be balanced with the feminine principles. Masculine and feminine are but observe and reverse of the same coin. Durga represents the motherhood aspect of God which is the force or Shakti through which the divinity manifests. Durga is power. She is the protector and benefactor. According to the Hindu mythology, the Chaitanya or pure consciousness of Brahma Vishnu and Shiva were united to form the being of Mother Durga. She is commonly pictured as riding a Lion and having eight arms with which she carries flowers and weapons of protection and gives the gesture of blessing.

The chanting of above mantra will give one peace, protection, wealth and happiness in very short time as her nature of mother is of divine grace and Her grace is easily obtained.


As explained earlier one has to become calm with initial process of sitting in lotus position or comfortably in the corner which was used for chanting daily. With incense stick, lighted lamps and flowers to make the mind get more attuned to the chanting. Pranayam if possible or breath control as explained earlier.

With the sound of OM take the breath up from the heart chakra with a golden sphere of light to the throat chakra and then with SHRI one has to take the breath and light further upwards to the ajna chakra at middle of the brow. With DURGYAI one has to take the breath and the thought of divine grace to the crown Chakra and feel the light “GOLD” filling up the mind. With NAMAH This Golden Orb of light to be brought to the heart chakra along with exhalations of breath.

With the sound of OM again the Golden sphere of light has to be taken upwards as above process.

This Mantra should be repeated at least 11 times a day or if possible 108 times.

This mantra in my personal experience too has given me lot of confidence and peace of mind and has removed many obstacles and knots in my own life and made me more calmer and happier.

Om Namah Shivaya


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