Tuesday, November 09, 2004

My own mantra.... for Laxmi the Goddess Of Wealth...?

Long time back I was doing this Reiki healing practice and my Guru told me to do 42 days of cleansing during which I did many cleansing process. Every eveing I used to sit and meditate among the sound of chanting bells and the sound of Jungle with a brook running close by. SLowly I tried to increase my sphere of love to people around me, from my wife to the whole house and finally the sphere grew to be big enought o encompass the whole street and I started loving it every day .....

Finally the day came to finish the 42 days of Meditation and Cleansing process. The last day I finished my meditation and after a very invigorating thoughts, I slept. I rember seeing a dream every one day of the meditation, about a women in armour, who kept on being with me in my dreams every day in whatever things that I was doing in the dreams in all those days. I remember seeing her while I was working, down the corner; seeing her on the golf course and even in near the swimming pool that I used to visit those days. FInally on the final day, I slept and I could finally confront this lady with dark skin and armour on her body at the golf course under a tree and ask her why she is following me? She simply smiled and said " Use this " and recited a mantra and vanished. I woke up and it was 4 am in the morning and I felt so happy like ecstasy that I realised that I have never been happy like this ever before. This feeling of complete happiness kept being with me in my thoughts and memory for a long time and I could not forget those words and her face and demeanor. I asked my Guru at that time about this dream like state.She said after listening to it all, that I should take that mantra and try to energies it by chanting. So shortly afterwards the Durga Puja was around the corner and I did chant the mantra for a million times with my meditation.

All this I forgot and almost after 6 months I went to Madurai (A South Indian Township) where I visited for the first time in my life a temple which is very famous called Minakshi Temple. When I saw the Goddess of Wealth Laxmi Ji I almost got shock of my life. The same lady who used to visit me in my dreams was there as Minakshi Devi and I was stunned. Then I realised the power that Goddess has bestowed upon me and I feel great. SInce then I have helped by using this mantra as she asked me to do with many people unknowingly to them and helped them some how. I feel great about it too. SOmehow I have never had the inclination to use it for me and personal benefits and I am quite comfortable with it...

Om Namah Shivayah


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