Saturday, August 20, 2005

3rd Mantra Yoga Lesson ....

Now if you all have done the practice for first two lessons then you will all be having a basic idea of how to still your mind to any one idea or any one universal soul. You all can think about God as one soul, source of light or universal consciousness but how to relate to HIM. The beauty of Mantra yoga is in that practical aspect.

As per our tradition as well as Veda’s and other religious scriptures, we all have keys for reaching out to universal consciousness through the sound. Remember all things are created at Metaphysical level first. Then it gets a shape in terms of Thought, and then it comes into existence through sound.. I want this… and then one follows through with action and then the results comes in terms of either fulfilling the need or denying. But the keys to Universal consciousness’ is never through denial.. it always comes through as each sound specifically creates vibrations which does go beyond our consciousness, travel the space of past and present and go to future and arranges things in such an order that it happens how one desires… the only need is to need and then verbalize and then ask for it, mentally, physically and presently.

SO for each of the needs, each of the God ( I believe in one universal consciouness but then I also believe in many forms of the same consciouness as each one form {GOD’s Own Self}) is there for specific need and person and universal consciouness works best for each one with the kind of consciouness one relates.

Today we are going to work for the need of Love, affection and desire of heart. This one is Mantra of love and devotion.
Radhe Krishna
Radhe = Ra as ‘ra’ ‘dhe’ is a typical Sanskrit sound which I can come closest to as in ‘they’ with ‘the’ sounding more ‘dh’ than ‘th’
Krishna I guess and hope every one how to pronounce.
What it means to one?
The most devout love has been the love of Radha and Krishna with all the joyfull experiences of togetherness as well as being away from the people one loves. Radhe Krishna translates to one as how one looks at it..
This mantra rejuvenates love.

How to do it?

After being still for some time and doing the exercise of the first two… one needs to sit back and clear ones thought of everything ….

Take a deep breath and think about warmth…

Start at the base of spine with a red sphere and try to make it grow with the sound “Ra” take this sphere to the navel with the sound “dhe” with simultaneously increasing the sphere as well as changing its color to orange and make it bigger with the inhaling and stop at the heart charka.
At the heart charka exhale with sound “Krishna” and expand this sphere to encompass all your body like a cocoon with yellow pulsating light and simultaneously filling all your surroundings as well.
When you finish the sound “Krishna” with the last breath you reach out to your base of spine and inhale with the red sphere and repeat the cycle.

DO it 54 times and at the end of say a week you will be able to master this so that you can do it without much pressure and effort.

Om Namah Shivaya


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