Friday, September 23, 2005

The new temple....

I went around and also had a look on the new temple that is a massive structure in modern building architecture which houses many paintings of Krishna’s life on the walls and then a most beautiful walk down the road which leads to the main Temple of Krishna. Once inside I had a beautiful sensation with such lovely idols of Krishna and the Gopis and Radha Rani. It was amazing to see them so life like yet so different. The guards on the gate told us to be very careful of not taking any pictures of the devotees. So it was an effort for me not to take a very young English child in traditional Indian attire. I took my own time to take pictures as many of my people had told me that the most beautiful that happens in the hall is the Aarti. So we, me and my friends waited for the time 6.30 PM. While the bhajan in the hall kept its constant tempo.


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