Saturday, August 20, 2005

2nd Mantra Yoga Lesson...

Sit comfortably as you like or you can take the support of the wall behind or you can sit cross legged on pillow in the corner or the space that you have got for your self.

This lesson will tell you how to bring silence in your self and keep other things out of your soul and blocking it…

Close your eyes after stilling your thoughts by focusing your thoughts on any particular deity or any thing as in the first lesson.

First take a deep breath with left nostril by closing the other by your thumb and think OM (Those with more concentration can visualize light others can visualize ringing bell or anything natural) then breath out by removing your thumb and closing the right nostril with your index finger while thinking OM. This you do it for nine times for each nostril or more if you like this.

Now Keep your eyes closed and visualize that light is entering one by one your both eyes, both nostrils, both ears one your tongue at three places tip, middle and back of your tongue. Try to keep those light spheres at those places for few seconds if not all the time but place them consciously on those places….This will block external inputs.

Take a deep breath and create the sound of OM and let a ray of light flow up like a pulse from the base of your spine move through all your Chakras (Which physically means travel up the spine by going through your three inches below your navel, navel, heart, throat, your forehead and finally to the crown) and let it cross over to the space to eternity to the huge light source. Take a deep breath again here and let the same pulse return with the sound of OM to the top of your head and starts filling your every pore of body with light.

This process you repeat for 54 times with the sound of OM for each cycle.

Please remember that the sound OM is creator of everything and it creates your soul a pure recipient as well as powerful persona. This is the basic ground work to cleanse you and fill you up with silence.

Om Namah Shivaya


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