Monday, September 05, 2005

The Darshana... and the electric moment...

Finally, the inspector some how got inspired and started taking us from the out route from where the VIP pilgrims come out of the temple.. This took us only 15 minutes and he got us to stand near the deity in the Garbha Grih for almost 10-15 minutes which is rare considering the heavy crowd and the usual time for the person to stay inside the sanctum sanctorum is only 1-2minutes. The volunteers standing there usually allow you to just see the fantastic idol of the Bala ji and then push you on your way. But as the younger brother was blessed he not only got a great darshana he also ended up with having the deity’s Charna Amrit (The washed holy water of Lord’s Feet) and also got the very powerful touch of His clothes in his chambers as well as got the Akshat (The rice grains) that is supposed to have a very powerful effect on a person’s prosperity and well being.

For me touching the clothes of Bala ji was electrifying. It sent my kundalini energy shoot up to my crown and for a minute I was not able to speak and went into trance. The crown chakra burst into energy petals and the head started swimming in white lights.. My eyes started trickling with tears of joy and I just soaked in the powerful display of light inside and the spine continued to tingle for hours together… coming back to the Chennai was very silent and I was on the way completely engrossed in the blessing that Lord Bala Ji bestowed on me. It was definitely because of my younger brothers sincerity that I got this powerful darshana and experience.

OM Namah Shivaya


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