Saturday, August 20, 2005

I have been getting some people to re-post Mantra Yoga lessons so I am posting all the lessons till now here....

Many people have asked me to repost the Mantra yoga lessons or through the email which I find quite time consuming so I thought of posting all of them here and give the links to any one who asks.. so here it is and from now on I will also post the lessons as and when I put up in the group....

These following lessons are the way I do them and which makes me more comfortable in meditating.. .. all of the people who are interested in trying the way are free to do the way I have written but I would prefer if you follow your own way which your heart guides you to follow... I find it the best way to do the meditations.

I will be putting up later lessons not in this choronological order but latest on the top. I would also request all those people who have tried or interested in trying these methods to get back to me with their advice and suggestions. I would love it if I know their experiences. Pls email me at

OM Namah Shivaya


Anonymous karthik said...

Hare Krishna
sir your lessons on mantra are indeed enlightening
you are slowly and surely opening up the secrets of the bijas i suppose!
however i humbly request you to give me a little guidance in respect of the pranayama pertaining to the respective mantras
pls mail me

8:37 PM  

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