Saturday, August 20, 2005

First Mantra Yoga Lesson...

First lesson:

Allocate a corner, a room or any place which can be purified with cleaning, incense and flowers where you can place any image of any God or any guru you like or any thing which makes you feel good... Make sure that this place is not used for any thing else...

Decide a comfortable time for your self when every day you can return to that corner or place to sit and relax or do chanting.... Mornings are better times

The first thing for you to do to do deep breathing exercise… in and out for three minutes and let your mind wander all over where ever it takes you…

Then take a Rose, a lotus or a flower or anything natural and think about it without letting your mind wander to other things ... think about how the petals are formed , how exquisitely its designed and how lovely it is.... When ever you mind wanders to other things bring it back to the flower .....

Try doing it for 3 minutes every day.... for a week.....write down your experiences for all of us to see here...

Please don’t force anything on your mind….. and don’t make it like that you are shackled… take a deep breath whenever you feel that you are tired or disturbed…

When you finish take a deep breath and say “Om Shanti, Shanti Shanti” which basically means peace and it helps one break away from the connection that one makes with the universal soul the moment one starts meditations

(Pronunciation “OM” as “om” in word “Home” with nasal “n” between “o” and “m” “Shanti” is pronounced as “Sh” = ‘sh’ in Shy and ‘anti = aunty’ )

(I will prefer to sound it for all of you to see maybe some time later I will put up a wave file on a location)

End Of the First lesson.

This is a very basic thing that is needed to be done to begin with the Next lesson will be put up online on Sunday…and I will be happy if you all who are following it to make it a point to share your experiences online.. it gives a boost to all others who are trying to follow….

In The next lesson we will do some in depth exercises to set the ball rolling for the meditations and Mantra Yoga….

Om Namah Shivaya


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