Monday, September 12, 2005

The gopis in dilemma...

The gopis were now in a dilemma as their families were waiting and they could not come out to take their clothes from the tree while Krishna mischievously smiled from the tree top and played on his flute nonchalantly. The whole thing is displayed on the Gopuras and I was not surprised to see the stark naked Gopis requesting the Mohan to give them back their clothes. In those days, the devotion played more important part on the minds of the sculptors. For them the devotion was the central theme then the nakedness of the statues that they have had created. This is also evident in the world famous sculptures of Khujaraho’s


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW...i really enjoyed the story of the gopis, love the colours that r inspired in the ppl, reality...captured within...buterflygirl

7:16 AM  

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