Monday, September 05, 2005

The Mantra Yoga...

IN the night I left my brother in the room and went out for my usual Chants of Mantra and went to my place where I get a very fantastic view of the Temple and started my chants of Om Namah Shivaya and Govinda … the atmosphere slowly started fading from my views and consciouness and in the end I was only aware of the temple and the Bala Ji as an enveloping and overwhelming presence all around me … finally I got out of my reverie and went back to the room to take my two hours of sleep… It took me 15 minutes to wake my younger brother to open the door… hehehe

At 6 in the morning we started for the temple and things started looking more bleak. The person assigned to us was not available at the Town Police Station and we waited for him for almost two hours and then he appeared saying that arranging the tickets took a lot of timeas there is already a crowd and waiting time for Darshan is almost 12-15 hours .. any how he took us through the VIP enterance which was unusually crowded and I knew that it will take a lot of time than required. My brother started getting worried as his flight to Hongkong was in the evening and thought of leaving the Darshan as he may miss that flight .. but then I had lot of faith in Bala ji and told him not to worry…


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