Monday, September 26, 2005

Here is the mantra ..... for one to work on...


Om Ai(n)m Durgayai Namah

Its a mantra for Goddess of Power Durga Ji also known in her another avatar as Kali Ji. This mantra is used for all things about gaining victory over once adversaries as in both mental or physical obstacles etc, gaining power to do and help people and above all making oneself ready to take on the spiritual developments in the frail physical body that we have.


Om : As told earlier.

Ai(n)m : “Ai” and “m” as in “aim” but with nasal “n” sound after Ai


“DU” = Du as Du in Dune

“R” = as R in “Roar”

“Ga” = as GA in Gall

“Yai” = as Ye in Yeah


This is about Power and it helps a great lot if one uses Red flowers to meditate on this mantra… Please start with thinking of a red evening sun on the Om sound and let it grow into the place between the eyes. Feel it growing while the whole mantra that you are pronouncing. With “OM” take a deep breath and let it reach the place between the eyes and hold it there with the sound of “Aim”. With Durgayai Namah let the breath out slowly and the Red Sun remains at the Ajna Chakra.

This mantra should be Chanted for 21 times daily in normal course of life… and for the people who are feeling weak in any sense atleast 108 times. The coming week is very important for this Mantra as its Dusshera times (Also called Durga Puja and Kali Puja and in India its very auspicious time for Durga Ji’s Chanting of the names). So if one Chants in the coming days from 3rd Oct to 10th Oct, every day 108 times if possible, then one is sure to get very powerful results.

Om Namah Shivaya



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Blogger Julie Martineau said...

Dear Shashi,

You should disallow anonymous posts if possible, see those spams!

Don't forget to correct "Sprituality" and change it for "Spirituality".

I posted your poem in my own one:

Peace and building,


12:01 PM  

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