Friday, September 23, 2005

A journey of discovery...again

I was not very much attuned to the Mayapuri temple as I did have certain bias with the ISKCON as I had read some very adverse comments about it.. also I had my own interaction with some of the ISKCON members made me think that they are very rigid in their thoughts about the whole movement which I am sure that Srila Prabhu Pada would not have wanted to be in. It’s like the phrase in Hindi which basically means that the newly made religious follower follows more doggedly the path of the religion than the Priest who converted him…. But just as I took the U-Turn to get off the highway and it opened a completely new vista for me…a nice location with a village on the way with their jute raw material and workmanship lying around on the road. The West Bengal state of India is famous for the Jute works and Saris of Taant (Made of Jute threads I think).


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