Monday, September 26, 2005

The 8th Lesson of Mantra Yoga ...

Now here is a very important Mantra for the seeker of the Power. I wanted to post this mantra later but I was getting lot of intuition that some of the people here needs this now. To post this Mantra I had lot of deliberations… I was seeking some kind of indication whether I can post this Mantra or not and that is why It got so delayed. But being in Dakshineshwar and then to Durga Temple “Kalka Ji” in New Delhi which is my childhood prayer place too, I could feel that it will be most suitable now to post it for all. I hope this mantra helps those people who I am having a feeling needs more now…


Make your self comfortable in the corner that you have had allocated to your self or the usual place where you meditate. Do the process of blocking your senses with fire sphere placed at your tongue, nostrils, eyes and ears. You can use a picture of Goddess Durga Ji or Kali Ma which I will post on my blog


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