Wednesday, April 27, 2005

At reaching Rudra Prayaag... Posted by Hello
Meditation for Durga Ji..... Posted by Hello
The Shivalinga where Narda Ji prayed for years together... and Lord Shiva gave him the knowledge of Music.... Posted by Hello
The Chandi Mata at the Rudra Prayaag..... Posted by Hello
Another idol on the road side at the Sirnagar on the way to rudra prayaag....This is Goddess Durga Ji... the Goddess of power.... Posted by Hello
The Namaaz... inside hall....a devotee offering namaaz to allah.... Posted by Hello
Waiting for Namaaz..... Posted by Hello
Asias Second Largest Mosque at Bhopal... bigger than this is the Mecca Posted by Hello
India's Largest Shivalinga made by King of Bhojpur... in 1010 AD Posted by Hello
Shivalinga at Bhojpur temple.....near Madhya pradesh.... india Posted by Hello
Another Road side Deity which seems to have a large following... this is Kali the goddess of Power and victory over demons. Under her feet is Lord Shiva ... and how it happens is a great story in our religious scriptures.... Posted by Hello
Pondering over at the Dev Prayaag... Posted by Hello
The power of the Ganges... spiritually as well as naturally... Bhagirathi rushing to meet Alakananda at Dev Prayaag.... Posted by Hello
On the way, many people put up idols for people to worship.. this one is of Hanuman, The God of fearlessness and who gets one over with all the difficulties... Posted by Hello
The Sadhu next to me I met on my way to trek to my meditation in the temple... He has started on the pilgrimage to reach Kedarnath three months back from West Bengal Ganga Sagar... Posted by Hello
The Sadhu next to me has started from Ganga Sagar in West Bengal three months back on foot to be at kedarnath .. I met him at Rudra Prayaag....during my trek to my meditation place in the temple... Posted by Hello
The old swayambhu Shivalinga and Parvati with son Ganesha and Kartikeyan ... as the people say that Narda prayed here for ages and then he got his Veena which he carries all the time ... and the knowledge of Music. He request Lord shiva to be at Rudra Prayaag with full family and help others learn... then this shivalinga appeared....  Posted by Hello
The Alakananda joining Mandakini at rudra prayaag.... Posted by Hello
Ganga at its serene best on the way to Rudra Prayaag... Posted by Hello