Sunday, January 23, 2005

Going to Haridwar and Rishi Kesh

I have been looking for a road map for spiritual change... a kind of Kaaya Kalpa in terms of spirituality. I have thought about it a lot of how a person can change his out look, what is the method to do this every time with a given steps or road map. Is it at all possible? How people who have changed, done it?

I know the answer lies within me and I need to just look inside and find it but with all this change around me, the chaos around me and my self, I am unable to concentrate. I guess I need to go and sit some where to find my inner energy and light. So what better place than the Rishi Kesh where the Ganga freshly arrives with a sense of touch of Lord Shiva all around oneself. This may be the place to find some answers or may be, if not the answers, the right questions.

Om Namah Shivaya

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Devastation brought by Tsunami in Banda Aceh Indonesia Posted by Hello

Marina Beach Caves in... Posted by Hello

Sea water surging towards marina beach Posted by Hello

Car Washed away by Tsunami Posted by Hello

Tsunami at Marina Beach Chennai Posted by Hello



Like a dame she gathered her skirt
The waves moved away from the shore
And I thought she will fly

Some followed her on the open sea bed
Lured as she tentatively revealed her naked thighs
and then she unleashed her fury

A big wall of rage swept across her naked terror
A few survived the surge but then many died inside
Engulfed in her passionate cries

Few days later, I found a little girl curled up on the beach
Small hands holding some sea shells
as waves lapped her dead smile....

Om Namah Shivaya

In Cuddalore with some NGOs